Masasa Beach – Tingloy Batangas

If you want a quick get away from the  busy metro, Tingloy Batangas is one of  my top pick. Aside from it’s close proximity from Manila, transportation is accessible and cheap. So if you are a cheap traveler like me, Masasa Beach in Tingloy is just right for you.

You can either do a day trip  to Masasa or stay overnight in the Island, I would recommend the later though. And, don’t go there on weekends if you don’t want a beach swamp by tourist. We went there Monday and I love how peaceful the beach was. Well, I’ve never been a fan of crowded places especially the beach.

How to get there :

From Manila, you can take a bus from Buendia LRT bound for Batangas ( CALABARZON Buses) and get off at the Grand Terminal. Fare is approximately 157 PHP and travel time is 1-2 hrs. From the terminal take a jeep bound for Mabini for 37 PHP. The Jeep will drop you off at the port where boats to Tingloy are waiting. The last boat trip will around 4-4:30 PM, but I noticed that once the boat is already full they wont wait for the scheduled departure. Boat ride is 80 PHP. 

From Tingloy Port, you have to take a tricycle to Masasa Beach, fare is 60 PHP and the ride is a bit challenging and….you still need to hike and cross a rice field before reaching the beach, be prepared for some challenging walk lol.
Our way to the beach

Where to stay:

Oh don’t worry about it! Locals are very friendly and the moment you get off the boat, people will offer you tricycle ride and of course Lodging! although do not expect some fancy accommodations since most of the home stays are very basic. They charge 300 PHP per person and you can use their kitchen utensils for free. There are some home stays to which have air conditioning.

If you are traveling with a group and staying overnight, it is best if you buy supplies first before your head to the island because to my surprise, they don’t really have a market there or even a talipa which sells sea foods, well I was expecting that since you’re in an island, there should be fisherman’s but NO.

What to do:

Don’t miss the rock formations. It’s just a few minutes walk from Masasa beach. 

And then the wee lagoons



Island hopping/ snorkeling 

Here are some pics from the island hopping  😊

And of course, just chilling at the beach
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Boracay- Antique (Day trip) 


This was my second visit to Boracay. I was in the island last July with Jacob and spent most of our time just relaxing and enjoying the beach. Also, it was a more organized visit which also made me realized that I got ripped off buy paying the arranged transfers from the Caticlan Airport to Boracay Island for 550 PHP per person hahaha. Don’t be too judgmental people! , I decided to pay it because that was our first time and I actually did not do enough research plus , I am with a foreigner which has a big possibility of whining when things go south hahaha so for the sake of convenience we paid the hefty transfer.

If you want to travel cheap from the Caticlan airport you can just pay your around 290 PHP (5-6 USD) including the Terminal fees and the environmental fee at the port.

Tricycle Airport – Port : 50 PHP

Terminal Fee :100 PHP

Environmental Fee: 75 PHP

Banca to Boracay: 25 PHP

Tricycle to Beach/Accommodation : 20 PHP ( Shared)

This time, I am travelling solo so I decided to stay in a backpackers hostel in Station 02 and stayed in a shared room with 4 people and that’s when the fun begins! Not the kind of fun you might be thinking tho hahaha. I paid 430 PHP (8-9 USD) per night with breakfast ( a wee toast , egg and coffee) at Boracay Backpackers. It was my first time booking a dormitory since most of the time I am willing to spend a little more to have my own room, but this time just out of curiosity I decided to book a shared room which to my surprise, it was a mix accommodation! . I walked in to the room with an English couple staying with me. At first, it was a bit awkward and their English accent is making me dizzy.

Day Trip from Boracay to Atique.

Since I a booked a round trip flight to/from Boracay, I decided to just do a day trip to Antique and joined an organized tour with Clark from IslandTrekker which is one of the tour operators in Boracay for 2,500 PHP ( 50 USD) inclusive of all entrance fees, transportations , breakfast and lunch. To my surprise there only 4 of us on the tour which is very great since we have the van all to ourselves.

First stop

Malumpati Cold spring/ Bugang River

Good spot for swimming and tubing. 

Also, if you want to try diving the 40 meters deep lagoon , kinda creepy. 

Malalison island – Second stop

It is recommended that you start trekking before noon time, it is darn hot up there and you better be fit if you want to survive lol.

As per manong  tour guide and kuya Domino , whenever the sky is clear and no clouds are covering the mountians facing Malalison, 14 waterfalls are visible, Imagine how cool is that! 

Thank you to these wonderful people, made my trip super fun😊 

Kawa hot bath and bugtong  bato falls.

After getting toast hiking in Malalison , now time to enjoy this cold waterfalls. 

Our last stop… Kawa hot bath

 It was actually very relaxing, feels like i’m  ready to be served after! They basically will make you sit in a warm bath with some flowers and leaves in it! Smells  nice, and oh, it has gingers and lemon grass too! I wonder if I  will be a tasty soup after haha

Below  was our full itinerary with IslandTrekker : 

 5am pick up time –  boracay

 6am :  van sa caticlan, 

7am : arrival in Malumpati,

 730:  breakfast

 8am : trek to the  lagoon

930am:  Bugang River

 1130am:  malalison island/ trek to the peak

 1pm : lunch

3pm : bugtong  bato falls,

430pm : kawa hot bath,

530pm : back to caticlan



There are two versions presented as to how the island got its name. Corregidor comes from the Spanish word corregir, meaning “to correct.” . During the Spanish time, all ships entering Manila Bay were required to stop and have their documents checked and “corrected”. Another version claims that the island was used as a penitentiary or correctional institution by the Spanish government, and came to be called El Corregidor so I guess just pick which version sounds more appealing to you!
The Island is own by the Government and there is only one tour company allowed to operate in the island which is the Sun Cruises and offers one day tour everyday.
I booked our tour a few months in advance and since the tour company’s website has been undergoing some “Upgrade” for ages, online booking is not possible so instead I e-mailed them at : to confirm the reservation luckily their e-mails are working fine! lol.

I’ve been wanting to visit the island for years and luckily I finally had the perfect timing to visit the island with my Fiance. Jacob is an ex- military and Comes from a Long Line of American Soldiers and Corregidor played a huge part of the Filipino – American history. I honestly did not pay attention when its history  was being taught in History class hahaha. But when I finally visited the Island and thanks to our  tour guide I was finally able to understand its History and made  me want to push the Japanese guys touring with us in the cliff because I am getting mad while hearing how my people died during the war because of the Japs hahaha.

The tour package already includes the Ferry transfer from Manila to the island and back. The ferry leaves at 7:30 AM and the check-in time for the Ferry is at 6:30 AM. Yes, that early! good thing we are such early birds and getting up early is not a problem and we still had time to have breakfast before boarding.

Also make sure to bring water, sun screen and some hats or umbrellas else you’ll suffer the heat lol.

Bus Tram

The similar transportation was used before  by Americans and Filipinos  to get around the island.

American barracks
Imagine, before the war these barracks have indoor swimming pool, recreation areas, cinemas etc and can occupy thousands of soldiers.

The war memorial

Malinta tunnel

It took 10 years for them to finish this tunnel (1922-32).  The tunnel served as a lateral hospital and as the headquarters of Gen McArthur. It also served as the seat of the Philippine Commonwealth  under Pres. Manuel Quezon.

Today this is one of the highlight of the  trip. They even offer a 1 hour ghost hunting tour  in the evening. And seriously this is one creepy place to visit, imagine how many people died in this tunnel and those  Japs who commited suicide by blowing themselves inside the tunnel when the Mericans  took back the island.

For details you may visit:

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Iligan- CDO- Camiguin travel

Whenever you mention Mindanao  first thing they ask is “Is it safe there?” hell yeah!. In fact, Mindanao is one of my favorite, not because I am from Davao City, but because it has lots to offer! beautiful beaches, very nice and accommodating people, lots or water falls, foods and fruits!

I’m not gonna put into details as to how to get there and the fare and all since you probably checked other blogs already hahaha


I know lots of you will feel very unsafe to be in this part of Mindanao especially because of the on-going Marawi Siege. We are lucky that we get to visit Iligan before things went crazy.

From Manila you can get cheap flights to Cagayan De Oro ( CDO airport) then take a van from the airport to Iligan city, travel time is 1-2 hrs. Right outside CDO airport there are van/ bus operators who offers transfer to Iligan.

If you are planning to go to Iligan from Laguindingan Airport best if you take an early flight so you’ll have plenty of time to explore the city, We arrived pretty late so we only got to visit Tinago falls.

The hike to the falls in No joke so be ready, we almost had to carry nyaw nyaw on our way up 😂


One thing I noticed about this city is the super cheap foods, I can eat for just 50 php!
What to do?? Of course, water rafting!!

I thought, I’m gonna die doing this! Lol


Just me doing my thing….


This is definitely a must visit place in Mindanao. This  island is  a pure beauty

We booked a day trip for 1500 php which is very worth it. 

The  white Island – just a short boat ride from the main island

Soda pool-  for real, it taste like soda! 

The sunken cemetery  – great spot for snorkeling, they  got some giant clamps! 

The cold spring

Tuasan  Falls

Our  bumpy bumpy  way to the falls

Old Spanish  church ruins


Boracay 2017

​Boracay is one the most touristy travel destination in the Philippines, not only because of its powder like sand and tons of activities to do but also because of its very active night life.

How to get there:
From Manila – The most convenient way is to travel by plane . There are two airports serving Boracay, Caticlan and Kalibo airport.  There are lots of cheap flights with CepPac and Air Asia to Boracay, so if you only have a limited time , best if you fly to Caticlan and not Kalibo aiport to avoid the hassle of traveling by land.  If you’re lucky you can book a promo flight with Cebpac for around 1000 PHP ( 20 USD ) round trip or could be less.

–  You can also travel by ferry if you are on a budget from Batangas Port to Caticlan Jetty port.  Will take you 10-11 hrs though.

You can check for prices and schedules.
It was both our first time in Boracay ( Me and my Fiance). And I honestly did not do much research as to how to get there and what to do and all that.  All  I know for sure is that I am definitely doing the para sailing and ATV 😊

From Caticlan Airport lots of tour companies will offer you transportation services from the Jetty port to your accommodation for 500 PHP ( 10 USD) per person which later I realized that it was such rip off hahaha. Well lesson learned.  Better pay your own ferry, and  terminal fees.

Where to stay:

Boracay is consist of 3 stations  (1,2 and 3).

If you want to be near the crowd restaurants and all the happenings then Station 02 is the best place to stay whilst if you want a peaceful stay,  you can choose either Station  1 or 3.

Boracy station 2

We stayed in station 02 but not in a beach front so we can at least get away from the crowd.  Club ten is just 2 minutes away from the beach which is not an issue although I was a bit skeptical at the beginning since the alley is kinda creepy but then I realized that I am with a 6’2 guy in a very touristy area, I don’t think anyone would try to snatch me ( takot lang nila sa laki ng jowa ko hahah ).

Club ten I would say is a mediocare type of accommodation, nothing fancy. Well you get what you paid for! You cannot expect a fancy room for a 1000ish price but at least they have hot shower hahaha. What’s funny though is that my so American Man is not use to having the toilet and the shower at the same place and gets his feet wet all the time hahaha and he is a ” Tabo” virgin. I really had fun teaching him how to use a bucket and tabo in taking shower lol.

View outside our room

We are staying for 3 nights in the Island and since we arrive late afternoon, we didn’t do much on our first day but walk and walk and walk along the beach, it’s actually tiring! especially if you have to keep up with a tall guy walking with his giant steps vs my baby steps lol.

Swimming at night is actually a fun thing to do. It’s a bit chilly but it’s worth it! the view is amazing. The lights, the fire dancers and the calm sea was just perfect. And of course enjoying  it with boo..feels perfect 😁

Boracay in the afternoon

Boracay is one of the most expensive tourist destination. If you’re on a budget, you would probably end up eating in Mang Inasal everyday hahaha. And people offering tours are every where! they are like zombies in walking dead..for real.. especially if you are with a white guy , it means business for them lol. My Fiance is super nice and he keeps on saying No to every vendor who tries to sell him things while me on the other hand will just walk straight with my poker face as if I hear nothing! lol.

What to do:

Island Hopping is one of the most popular activity in Boracay. They charge you 600 PHP (12 USD) per person with lunch . But be warned that in every boat stop or island you are visiting, they’re gonna charge you!. I could say that Boracay is all about fees!
1st stop is Ariel’s point.

It’s a Cliff diving spot. If you want to get inside and cliff dive , you have to pay 150 PHP (3 USD ) per person. For us it’s worth it though since Jacob enjoyed it, he was like a kid jumping in that high board while I chickened out.
Told ya he’s having fun😁

Second is Crysyal Cove.

They charge 200 PHP (4 USD ) per person for the entrance. I have been to many places here in the Philippines and this I must say is one of the places that I do not want to visit again. I honestly think that they are over charging people!.

Puka  Beach –  Their fruit Shake is 200 PHP hahaha other than that, the beach is gorgeous. I was hoping that it will be less crowded since July is already a low season but I was so wrong.  This beach is perfect for relaxation.

Para Sailing – For me this is a must to do in Boracay, it is a bit expensive though. We paid 1200 PHP (24 USD) per person but the 15 minutes ride is worth it. Kinda nervous with the height and when it gets windy but it’s all cool.

ATV – I have been wanting to do this for the longest time, only to to find out that I cannot drive the thing!. Well at least I did try but I literally crashed in a tree! I thought I was gonna die hahaha. So instead we have to ride the buggy since there is no way that they will let me drive the ATV lol. This made me realized that I am going to be a really bad driver and now I’m kinda scared to drive, that means Jacob might need to drive for me all the time not unless he wants me to crash his car hahaha
view while we’re taking our buggy ride, had to stop for pictures lol

Some other activities you can do are paddle boarding, helmet diving, sailing and many more as long as you have the money hahaha.

Please note of the following fees:

Environmental Fee: (75 pesos)

Terminal Fee:  (100 pesos

Tricyle from port to your hotel: 120-130 PHP


Beaches, beaches and more beaches….

I wan’t to tell you something, I am in love with beaches! Yes, not just one, but lots and lots of beaches. I love the ocean, it’s like a drug to me. Here are  some of my favorite  beaches in the Philippines that you surely don’t want to miss.

Nacpan beach – Just a short  ride from El Nido Palawan and this my favorite. Clear and calm water feels like heaven

Coron Palawan – Malpacuya island , a perfect place to chill

Nagsasa beach Zambales – Just a short trip from Manila

Bohol – aside from the chocolate hills and the tarsiers, the beaches are not to miss, tho I am not a fan of Alona beach

Camuguin Island – It’s like a naked island not a single tree can be found so it can be crazy hot in summer

Siquijor Island – better visit this place before it gets swamped by tourist!

Gigantes Island – beautiful place with super nice people!

MoalBoal Cebu- just 2 hrs away from the busy metro

Bolinao Pangasinan – if you want a quick get away from Manila, Bolinao should be in your list

Something Else

My Top Netflix Series to Binge watch

Since I have been binge watching Netflix recently,  might as well share to you my  favs.


  1. Breaking Bad – Chem teacher turned  Meth dealer? Sounds like from rags to riches!  wasn’t easy tho and I really feel bad for Jesse.
Image result


2.  Wynonna Earp  –  Who doesn’t like a badass girl fighting the demon  revenants and  sending them back to hell.  Kinda refreshing.

Image result
3.  The 100 –     I am a big fan of Octavia and Lincoln
Image result for the 100
4.  Stranger Things – This one makes me a bit jumpy lol and Eleven rocks!!
Image result
5.  Jessica Jones  –  My Fav Marvel’s series .   KillGrave’s  obsession to Jessica  for some reason makes me giggle and I so  love it when he says ” Jessicaaaaaa, come back here”  hahah
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Isla Gigantes for solo travelers- via Iloilo

Traveling to Gigantes Island  is definitely a bit pain in the arse especially if you’re coming from Iloilo. So best if you get a flight from Manila to Roxas. If your  flight is via Iloilo make sure to get a morning flight.

Day 01 – Manila- Iloilo- Carles

I took a flight leaving Manila at 1:55 PM apparently due to the never ending air traffic in NAIA our flight was delayed and landed past 4 PM.

From the airport  you can take the van to the city.  Fare is only 50php and it takes around 30 minutes. One thing that I noticed when we arrived is how clean and organize the airport is and the highway.. the van will take you to SM then from there you can take a jeep (12php) to Ceres bus terminal  or to the  Van terminal in Tagbak.  Ceres last trip to Carles leaves at 6 while the  van leaves at 4:30 PM.

In my case since it’s  a bit late already I took the last bus to Carles which is unfortunately non aircon and had millions of stops and not to mention, this is my first time traveling SOLO!  So I’m a bit nervous being in the city and taking a bus trip for 4 hrs late at night! Honestly at first it was nervbracking. I kept on telling manong konduktor to make sure to drop me off at my resort or else I am screwed big time lol!. One thing I realized when you’re travelling solo is time seems soooooooo mabagal (slow) it felt like forever and I couldn’t even listen to my Jam! It bothers the hell outta me that the trip is too long and it’s freezing cold.. daig pa pala industrial fan if you’re taking an ordinary bus and I feel like I’m so gassy already hahahha.. you know what I mean. And what’s a bit  creepy with my bus trip  is that I was the last passenger getting off!! “Stuffs” are starting to play in my silly little  head,  lots of “what if’s” hahaha . I was trying to remember what my Muay Thai coach was  teaching me and the one that sticks in my head is poke your attacker’s eye and give him a nice nice hook, straight and upper cut .. also, how to kick the balls hahaha.. oooh I was so ready to kick someone’s butt that time 😂😂. The guys are nice tho, infact I’ve learned from manong konduktor  that he used to work in Manila and lived near my place so yeah I was just overthinking apparently 😁.

I finally arrived in Red Mandarin Resort around 9 PMish (can’t remember exactly😬) and found out that Ilongos are very fond of Karaoke lol.. there are bunch of guys singing some pinoy songs like “beer” i’m not sure of the tittle lol.  And I was starving, the resort only serves food until 9 but luckily they are kind enough to still serve me fried chicken and rice with some very well sliced carrots I think yung Kerots talaga nagdala dun sa food lol.

Day 02 – Carles to Isla Gigangtes

For solo or budget travelers I recommend that you pre-book a  group tour. It’s way cheaper and convenient than DIY since going to Gigantes is not easy. There’s very limited boat schedule and if you will rent a boat it will be expensive.

I found my tour operator Paul of Gigantes island tours and Services thru the DIY group I joined in facebook then I later realized that the same Paul is my friend’s highschool  classmate and the same Paul who helped my roomie with their Gigantes trip last year.. so this must be fate.. Hahaha I was destined to experience Gigantes with them. I paid 1799php for an all inclusive tour( boat ride, accommodation, food and  island hopping). This is the cheapest package I found online and it’s very worth it.

From Red Mandarin I took a  tricycle to Carles port. Fare is 15php then met our guide Joshua at the tourism office. Since our package already includes the tourism fee we just had to write our names and off we gooooo!

Weather was a bit shitty that morning, drizzling and cold and the waves are unfriendly hahaha.

First stop – I was really expecting lots of coconut trees, not just one lonely coconut who’s  been tested by time and probably feels so lonely and have tried killing itself already haha..

Second stop is the famous Cabugao Gamay Island. Taking pictures at the top is impossible w/o photo bomber/s 🙄

Next is Tanke which is only visible during low tide

Bantigue sandbar – thanks to our tour guide/ photographer and in all fairness he was even coaching me what to do😂

Next….Antonia beach

This beach is also suitable for snorkeling activity, jetski and banana boat but all I did was eat maruya ( banana que) 😂😂 and it’s 15php haha Manila rate pa din…

We ended the day at this nice little beach they call ” little Boracay” due to it’s fine fine sand. Shame I did not take a picture, I was too lazy lol.

This is my home for one night in Gigantes

I was expecting a shared room since I am a solo traveler but I ended up having this nice kubo  just for myself 😁. It was comfortable enough and as you can see I’m wearing a jacket since it’s a bit cold.  One piece of advise tho, do not put any food in your bag or mini mouse might pay you a visit and decide to eat your food and bag! Yes! My little friend took a piece of my converse sling bag and ate my chocolate😞.
View from the outside

At the resort where we stayed, we can use the cotages for free and they even gave us woods for the bonfire. Unfortunately, due to aging 9pm pa lang tulog na ko hahaha.

Day 02-  Not much to do really… just went  hiking for an hour to Pawikan Cave

Meet our youngest hiker Sam,  she’s 3 😁

Around noon time all we did was swim  at the resort and chat  with the local kids.

By 2 pm we’re back in Carles port. Just right outside the port you can take a van to Iloilo or Roxas. Fare to to Iloilo is 200php.

We arrived at Iloilo around 6pm at Tagbak terminal where I will be staying for the night. I did not book my accommodation in advance but have listed a few hotel selections. First on my list is Ong bun since they have the cheapest rates ( 350 php for a single room) . From Tagbak, you can cross the highway and take a jeep to Iloilo city for 12php. To my dismay when I arrived at Ong bun they were fully booked ( wasn’t really expecting that since it’s weekday so lesson learned). I decided to go to the nearest  hotel which is Circle Inn hotel and suites. Paid 1300php for a double room with AC and they have hot/cold shower and a pool! . It was over my budget but It’s not my main  concern since I’m dead tired and just want to rest so suck it up! Lol.

My hotel offers an airport for 500php same as the taxi rate and I’m so not willing to pay that haha. Instead you can take a jeep to SM for 7php and then take the van to the airport for only 70php!Imagine how much you can save😉.

At the van terminal you can chill at the Passenger’s lounge or even take shower there if you’re not in hurry OR just inside SM do some shopping or eat at Mang Inasal haha .  Well in case you don’t know.. Mang Inasal started in Iloilo, so how’s that for a triva huh? Lol

And not to miss is buying some Biscocho for pasalubog!. One thing that I do not fully understand about us Filipinos is our need to buy ” Pasalubong” everything we go somewhere, it’s like an urge!! ! Not that I am complaining lol.. i love buying pasalubong😁.

For this trip I spent 4,529 php excluding airfare, pasalubongs and the room service I ordered 😂😂

  • 50 php – van from Iloilo – SM city
  • 12 php – jeep from sm city – tagbak terminal or Ceres
  • 170 php – bus from Jaro – Ceres
  • 700 php –  Accommodation in Carles ( Red Mandarin resort)
  • 1799 php – tour package in Gigantes
  • 200 php – van from Carles to Tagbak
  • 12 php – jeep from Jaro to iloilo city
  • 1300 php – hotel in Iloilo ( Circle Inn)
  • 7 php – jeep to SM city
  • 70 php – van to iloilo airport
  • 200 php – airport terminal fee

You can contact Paul for Gigantes packages at (0998) 981 6812  or thru Facebook

P.S I wrote this while I was waiting for my flight to Manila 😁


 Dumaguete – Siquijor Trip

I was really iffy in going to Siquijor at first , you probably know why. The island is famous for its mountain-dwelling mangkukulam (healers) or for its witchcraft. So when you tell people that you’re going all they say is ” not a good idea”.

Our flights were booked months in advance . Let me tell you a secret, the reason why I can afford to travel around Philippines is because we always wait for promo fare in Cebu Pacific or Air Asia . These low cost carriers always offer piso fare during holidays. We watch the airline’s website like Jon Snow at the Wall waiting to kill some white walkers ( if you don’t watch GOT, you sure can’t )

We only paid more than 1k PHP for the round- trip ( yeah, for real, that cheap hehe).

Welcome to Dumaguete

From Dumaguete airport you can take a tricycle to the port.

From the port to Siquijor Island the travel time is more or less 1 hr. Ferry cost is around 160 php. Just a piece of advise avoid taking those small ferries, else when the water is kinda rough you will definitely feel shit , I did threw up (not proud of it lol ) I usually don’t get sea sick.

You can check for the ferry schedules.

From the port we took a tricycle to our resort, the driver tried to charged us 200 php but we haggled a bit and agreed to pay 150 php. We stayed at Charisma Siquijor Beach Resort and booked their Standard Bamboo Cottage for 1000 php/night. It was a pretty decent accommodation, fan room (you wont need air conditioning anyway), toilet is clean, shower is working ( tho no hot shower) and the bed is okay plus they have a pool!

In front of Charisma Resort

The next day, we paid around 1000 php for a day tour around the island, there’s three of us so it was okay.

Century old Balete tree, our first stop

Cambugahay falls

Salagdoong  beach.. good spot for cliff jumping.. girls, I highly recommend not wearing a bikini if you’re planning to jump you might end up losing your knickers hahah🙊🙊

Day trip in Siquijor wont take you full day so around 4 pm we head back to Dumaguete.. while on board  the ferry we were lucky to see some dolphins .. I was so happy, that was my first time seeing some dolphins hahaha 🤣

In Dumaguete we stayed at Harold’s mansion which is known for backpackers. We paid 1000 php for a private room with AC so not bad.

Next on our itinerary is the Apo Island, we gonna go swimming with the turtles hihih.. it was an expensive tour tho, we paid 1200 per pax with lunch included (fried noodles daw) actually it was just a pancit canton kala ko ano yung fried noodles 😂😂

People i’d like you to meet mr Gong pagong

With our new friends


Spending new year in Sagada

Since 2008 I’ve been spending holidays away from my family, most of the time I spend Christmas and New Years at work, yeah I know…people would say ” aw that’s sad, I’m sorry” and I’ll just shrug my shoulders ….used to it, besides I am not a big fan of any ocassion not even my birthday hahaha.. but for a change, last  new year … I wasn’t working (hell yeah! ) so me and my roomies came up with this super amazing idea of spending it in Sagada ( yey, finally!).  No work, no family to go to.. so why not go somewhere else right? .

We want to make the trip as cheap as possible so we decided to join a group tour, we started checking facebook for an arranged tour to Sagada and bingo! we found one for 2500 php per pax ( including van transfer and hotel accommodation) for a 3 days 2 nights trip from Manila.

We had our first stop in Banaue to have a glimpse of the rice terraces and get breakfast ( we’ve been driving for hrs) .It was really cold and I regret wearing shorts hahaha

Can’t stop snapping pictures! The view is just breathtaking!

After more than 9 hrs…. finally! “Welcome Sagada ”

First we visited the hanging coffins, it was just a short trek inside the eco valley.

 Next…. spelunking baby! Our guide told us that ” Spelunking ” should be the right term and not “caving” since only Geologist and people who are studying the cave and shits like that have the right to call it “caving” so since we’re no Geologist we call it Spelunking which I prefer since it sounds way cooler hahaha , caving honestly sounds boring and too easy to spell..
This looks like a face not sure tho if it’s a he or she… you decide

The next day we went ” chasin waterfalls” was a quick 1 hour hike so no biggie… yeah i’m just bragging wasn’t easy really 😜😜

 On our way back from the falls..what a view ….

Now I can finally crossed out Sagada in my bucket list… slow clap for me….