To my husband

I love waking up next to you and our morning cuddles. Thank you for letting me cuddle your arm, I know it makes you uncomfortable but you still let me do it.

I love it when you hold and kiss my hand when we’re driving.

I love how you say my name and when you call me baby, even when you just call me because you can’t find things😂.

I love you and your beautiful face especially that eyelashes and eyebrow , it makes me jealous.

I love you and Thank you for tolerating my weirdness

I love you and thank you for offering your hands so I can bite you( I googled it and it’s called cute aggression)

I love it when you rub your nose against mine, it’s the cutest ever and it makes me giggle☺️

I love how you understand the things I want even without saying it, you just know me too well😘.


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