My First Fall

Growing up in a Tropical country means it’s “Almost” summer all year round, weather is always warm except when we get some really shitty rain and it’s flooding, trust me not fun at all (eye roll).

Now, I get to experience this crazy 4 seasons!. Fall is now my new favorite next to Summer, we live in Kentucky and we have no beaches..bummer 🙄, I guess no more beach for me and salty hair and tan lines and sand between my toes… ugh.. just day dreaming now of  my  tropical life. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love fall😊. But darn I’m losing my tan, my husband teases me sometimes that I’m brown no more, must be true. But when I look at him and see how white he is, it makes me smile knowing that he is still whiter than me😁.

I love how colorful your surrounding is when it’s fall season, although I’m not a fan of the cold.

Fall is also a good time to go hiking too, I can walk for hours and yet I don’t tired and sweaty, feeling fresh all day!😂😂. Also, it’s easier to drag my husband into hiking when it’s not as hot as balls.

I also love driving the country side and watching all the beautiful, colorful trees.

I guess no more summer dress and short shorts for me for a while 🤪

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