Something Else

Still Learning

Since I arrived here in the  US I think I only visited my page once, and it’s been a while since I wrote something!. Maybe because I have been busy adjusting with my new life especially being married and everything around me feels so new. Seriously , I feel like a baby discovering things about me and whats around me.

Here are some  things that I discovered:

My English is NOT good enough. 

I worked  in a Call Center for   a long time so I thought,  my English is really good since I talked to English speaking clients all the time and I  was really good at arguing with them hahaha . When I came here in America, I felt like I bit my tongue and I can’t suddenly talk or make a conversation.  Then I realized,  that I am not that good in Conversational English,  it was more easy for me speaking English for work, I had a script to follow and I  can anticipate my client’s next response thus, it is easy for me to talk to them. Also, I was never  good in making rapport and  casual talks   except with my husband, well I guess maybe because we’re married and we really need to communicate  hahaha. Or maybe,  because I don’t know the people around me. I find it very hard to talk to people that I hardly know!. I am such a snob lol.  Also,  my brain seems to malfunction  and I can‘t use he/she, on/in properly hahaha.

 I do not like long- haul flights!.

The question is, who does???. Traveling from Manila to Kentucky is literally a pain in the arse! plus Jet lag is no joke. I don’t think I will be taking any international flights soon, I’m still traumatized lol. Also I now I understand why passengers sometimes go cray cray with regards to their seat assignments, when I was a travel agent, I used to 🙄 my eyes whenever I get a call from customers going hysterical over seat assignments. I got stuck in a middle seat during my flight from Narita to Chicago and I felt miserable, I thought I wouldn’t mind it since I’m tiny and I still got a little bit og leg room, I was so wrong. Just imagine sitting in between two strangers, both males and snoring!. Plus you need to wake him up whenever you need to go tinkle( btw, I learn this term from my husband😂😂).

 Foods are different

No rice in KFC and all other fast food chains😂. Rice is life for Asians. Luckily I have the best husband who lets me eat rice whenever I want, I got bags of rice at home.

Mericans eats biscuits with gravy, I did not know that this food exist until we went to McDonalds😂. For us Pinoys,it’s like a bread but taste a lil bit different.

They also eat with fork. I’m so amazed as to how my husband can eat rice with just a fork!

And by the way, drinks are usually unlimited and servings are gigantic! I wish they serve foods in Asian size😂.


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