Masasa Beach – Tingloy Batangas

If you want a quick get away from the  busy metro, Tingloy Batangas is one of  my top pick. Aside from it’s close proximity from Manila, transportation is accessible and cheap. So if you are a cheap traveler like me, Masasa Beach in Tingloy is just right for you.

You can either do a day trip  to Masasa or stay overnight in the Island, I would recommend the later though. And, don’t go there on weekends if you don’t want a beach swamp by tourist. We went there Monday and I love how peaceful the beach was. Well, I’ve never been a fan of crowded places especially the beach.

How to get there :

From Manila, you can take a bus from Buendia LRT bound for Batangas ( CALABARZON Buses) and get off at the Grand Terminal. Fare is approximately 157 PHP and travel time is 1-2 hrs. From the terminal take a jeep bound for Mabini for 37 PHP. The Jeep will drop you off at the port where boats to Tingloy are waiting. The last boat trip will around 4-4:30 PM, but I noticed that once the boat is already full they wont wait for the scheduled departure. Boat ride is 80 PHP. 

From Tingloy Port, you have to take a tricycle to Masasa Beach, fare is 60 PHP and the ride is a bit challenging and….you still need to hike and cross a rice field before reaching the beach, be prepared for some challenging walk lol.
Our way to the beach

Where to stay:

Oh don’t worry about it! Locals are very friendly and the moment you get off the boat, people will offer you tricycle ride and of course Lodging! although do not expect some fancy accommodations since most of the home stays are very basic. They charge 300 PHP per person and you can use their kitchen utensils for free. There are some home stays to which have air conditioning.

If you are traveling with a group and staying overnight, it is best if you buy supplies first before your head to the island because to my surprise, they don’t really have a market there or even a talipa which sells sea foods, well I was expecting that since you’re in an island, there should be fisherman’s but NO.

What to do:

Don’t miss the rock formations. It’s just a few minutes walk from Masasa beach. 

And then the wee lagoons



Island hopping/ snorkeling 

Here are some pics from the island hopping  😊

And of course, just chilling at the beach

Some nice lads made this: 

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