There are two versions presented as to how the island got its name. Corregidor comes from the Spanish word corregir, meaning “to correct.” . During the Spanish time, all ships entering Manila Bay were required to stop and have their documents checked and “corrected”. Another version claims that the island was used as a penitentiary or correctional institution by the Spanish government, and came to be called El Corregidor so I guess just pick which version sounds more appealing to you!
The Island is own by the Government and there is only one tour company allowed to operate in the island which is the Sun Cruises and offers one day tour everyday.
I booked our tour a few months in advance and since the tour company’s website has been undergoing some “Upgrade” for ages, online booking is not possible so instead I e-mailed them at : to confirm the reservation luckily their e-mails are working fine! lol.

I’ve been wanting to visit the island for years and luckily I finally had the perfect timing to visit the island with my Fiance. Jacob is an ex- military and Comes from a Long Line of American Soldiers and Corregidor played a huge part of the Filipino – American history. I honestly did not pay attention when its history  was being taught in History class hahaha. But when I finally visited the Island and thanks to our  tour guide I was finally able to understand its History and made  me want to push the Japanese guys touring with us in the cliff because I am getting mad while hearing how my people died during the war because of the Japs hahaha.

The tour package already includes the Ferry transfer from Manila to the island and back. The ferry leaves at 7:30 AM and the check-in time for the Ferry is at 6:30 AM. Yes, that early! good thing we are such early birds and getting up early is not a problem and we still had time to have breakfast before boarding.

Also make sure to bring water, sun screen and some hats or umbrellas else you’ll suffer the heat lol.

Bus Tram

The similar transportation was used before  by Americans and Filipinos  to get around the island.

American barracks
Imagine, before the war these barracks have indoor swimming pool, recreation areas, cinemas etc and can occupy thousands of soldiers.

The war memorial

Malinta tunnel

It took 10 years for them to finish this tunnel (1922-32).  The tunnel served as a lateral hospital and as the headquarters of Gen McArthur. It also served as the seat of the Philippine Commonwealth  under Pres. Manuel Quezon.

Today this is one of the highlight of the  trip. They even offer a 1 hour ghost hunting tour  in the evening. And seriously this is one creepy place to visit, imagine how many people died in this tunnel and those  Japs who commited suicide by blowing themselves inside the tunnel when the Mericans  took back the island.

For details you may visit:


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