Something Else

To my almost 30 year old self

Oh  geez, now you are  almost thirty, crazy right? I know you still feel like  your  young Taylor Swift sometimes lol. You can’t even ditch your sneakers and be a lady like and embrace the world of stilettos!.

I know you’ve been doing great lately. Happy heart, successful career , not too many friends but definitely worth keeping! what more could you ask for right?.

Time  flies so quickly, I  can still remember how you used  to play  as a kid, you hated dolls, you’d rather play with toy guns and karate instead of being a princess yet you wanted to be a nun, then you realized that ” boys” do exist !. You are so complicated lol but you did well, I think hahaha.

I am actually so proud of you! you’ve been through a lot but it did not stop you from doing things that you dream of.  So far, so good. Do you still remember  how you work hard in college for your tuition?  damn, that was good old days tho.   You were good in washing dishes! and made lots for friends being a working student.  I can still remember the look at mom and dads eyes  when you finally graduated, full of joy and pride and you were telling your 20 year old self  that you so deserve it.

I know you’re happy now.  Well, You’ve had your fair share of  heartbreaks and struggles , that wasn’t easy I know,  but I’m happy it did not stop you from believing that there are still decent, worth loving and trusting humans in this so twisted word hahaha.

P.S  Just keep being awesome  and don’t stop dreaming!














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