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When you’re pinay and dating a white dude

When  we went public about our  relationship  and especially when got engaged  we got a lot of attention. Most were genuinely happy about us  being together although Jacob got lots of  joke about me being a ” mail order bride”  and people I know congratulating  me like I won  the freaking lottery.

We  Pinoys are  one of the nicest people  you’ve ever met and  we are very accommodating although we have this mentality   that whenever  we see  a girl dating or married  to a white dude  that means ” kumikitang kabuhayan”  , people would  think, he’s gonna support his chick, bring her to “Merica”( that’s how Jacob say it) get her a green card and she’ll be rich.. Lame….  you know nothing Jon Snow. I honestly got lil piss whenever  someone  out of the blue would make a comment or message  me about me and Fiance and tells me  that I am doing the right thing and being smart , he ( Jacob) will make me rich!  wtf…

When I was younger, I don’t really like foreigners.  I even told my self  that I will never date one, but things changed haha I guess when you got older and experienced some really bad  things, it makes you  change your perspectives.   When I got  my heart broken by some pinoy  guy I  told my self, I am no longer dating my own kind and that’s how I started entertaining the other specie  hahaha.

We  all know and we cannot deny the fact that  some  girls would apparently   do that  a but these are  the Pro’s like those hanging out in Greenbelt and some high end bars lol.  Well they are hookers so what do you expect hahaha.

Jacob and I never expected that  we will end up being together.  We started with friendly  talks and I had no high hopes of anything, I was just enjoying what we have.  If you are following my Blog, I wrote about how we started ( Swipe, Swipe Matched!). So it was not like I planned on luring him so  he’d end up falling inlove with me  and the rest is history.

Foreign guys who are married to Filipinas might be from a better country who earns Dollars, Euros  or whatever currency that is  but that doesn’t  mean that they  have a fat bank account and you can just marry them, be happy and live like a lord!. They are also like  us! though some are ridiculously  white (I always make fun of them especially my Fiance’s  white arse), they  work hard,  so it’s not  like  when you  get marry life will be  a fairy tale.  Although I must say that it will make a difference, given that you’ll have the opportunity  to be in Merica and have a better life but it’s more than that.

Any relationship would only work if you have  the dedication and  the purest intentions. Also, it will not be easy to give up  what you have, family friends and all the things you used  to do  to be with the person  you love. Imagine how hard it will be to be  in a foreign country, without your family, friends and  starting a new life . The point is, sometimes you find what you’ve been missing  all your life 8,406 miles away and you are willing to do whatever it takes to  be with that person.