Something Else

Those little things

Him: It’s my off on Tuesday ,what should I do babe?

Me: Movie, right? Guardians of the Galaxy?

Him: Yes, maybe some laundry too

Me:Yes! and groceries, make sure you have clean undies hahaha

Him: You remember, the last time I watched a movie?

Me: Oh that movie with the Monkey? the Ape?…

Him: laughing, No babe.. I watched Logan the last time

Me: Oh yeah yeah I remember it now…

Him: You know what else happened that day?

Me: Thinking. thinking… Nope, can’t remember

Him: That’s the first time you called me ” Boyfriend” and I can’t help smiling while I’m in the car.

Me: 😍😍😍😘😘😘❤️❤️.. My heart just melted

 You’re making me feel like my heart skips a bit all the time J


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