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My Top Netflix Series to Binge watch

Since I have been binge watching Netflix recently,  might as well share to you my  favs.


  1. Breaking Bad – Chem teacher turned  Meth dealer? Sounds like from rags to riches!  wasn’t easy tho and I really feel bad for Jesse.
Image result


2.  Wynonna Earp  –  Who doesn’t like a badass girl fighting the demon  revenants and  sending them back to hell.  Kinda refreshing.

Image result
3.  The 100 –     I am a big fan of Octavia and Lincoln
Image result for the 100
4.  Stranger Things – This one makes me a bit jumpy lol and Eleven rocks!!
Image result
5.  Jessica Jones  –  My Fav Marvel’s series .   KillGrave’s  obsession to Jessica  for some reason makes me giggle and I so  love it when he says ” Jessicaaaaaa, come back here”  hahah
Image result for van helsing netflix

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