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Swipe,swipe matched! 

Well this is something that is so not related with the usual stuff that I write.  But, I have this feeling that I need to write it mostly because I’m inspired. Well I am not really a fan of discussing my private life with people so if you will be asking me tons of questions after reading this I’d probably gonna go crazy so please people be gentle on me😇
With the blog title itself , You’d probably have guessed already that this has something to do with online dating.

It all ​ ​​​started with my Tinder Match, yeah you heard ​it​ right haha.  Asian girls are pretty reluctant to talk about their dating life especially online dating but not me.

For me  it’s always  good to talk to people from the other side of the world, sharing some common interest, could be food, travel or just some random shits haha. I enjoy knowing people.

Wasn’t really looking for anything in particular,  but there comes this guy who I assumed liked my profile first since when I swiped right it did matched! Yeah!!  I really don’t know why I did that time.  I’m very picky and I  kinda creep out first  before I decided to swipe right,  but if my memory serves me well, I kinda stared in his picture for a bit, more of wondering why his eyebrow is prettier than mine😂.

I got all  curious since his  the tag line is  ” A guy with good intentions”.   What I clearly remember tho  is that we started talking on a Valentines day  when  he was visiting his family in Evansville IN and I was home all feeling lonely on V-day haha .  We have all these friendly talks, mostly about movies and him telling me that he is going to my country in a few months.

One thing about online dating like  Tinder as you may all know, is that there  are lots of horny bastards ( excuse me for the language, but I’m not really sorry hahaha) so I don’t have high expectations with the people I  meet online,  but it’s still worth a try,  after all I still have faith in humanity lol.

Then there comes the start of our  daily chats and him kinda creeping in my IG, I got this notification that someone followed me and keeps on  liking my pictures, what a creep right? hahaha . Actually it’s kinda flattering, I must look that good hahaha ( for once please let me be cocky)​.  He  asked me if I would hang out with him and said No  and even told him that I don’t want to sleep with him lol​, blame it to some other guys who makes us girls all suspicious with the male specie​ and their intentions .
But I was all so wrong, it turned out that he is ​a ​descent, ​charming​, ​funny tho sometimes moody like a girl having her PMS.. hahaha , I hope he is not read​ing ​ this…​and he definitely caught my attention big time! To make things short, we basically hit it off darn well and we made it all official, like me and him, boyfriend and girlfriend on April Fools day except that it wasn’t a prank, it honestly still makes me giggle until now , I’ve never been this open about my relationship to public before so I feel weird  in a good way and ridiculously happy! I was bewitched by this white arse or maybe just in love hahaha.

Well things are really going well and I am super excited to be with my ex tinder match turned man of my dreams…


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