Bolinao Daytrip from Manila

I’ve only been to Pangasinan twice and it was my first time in Bolinao and tho Pangasinan is one of the many destinations for a quick getaway from the bustling Manila, travelling to Bolinao can be a pain in the arse.. like literally!

How to get there

The most convenient way will be by car but if you are commuting there are buses from Pasay and Cubao such as Victory line 5 Star and Dagupan bus.

Travel time is approximately 6-7 hrs depending on the bus route. We took the Victory bus via Alaminos and it was definitely a bad choice! we could have just picked the more direct route . Also, these buses picks up passengers in almost every town along the way. Fare is around 450-500 PHP (8-10 USD) per way.

Upon arriving Bolinao , just right outside the bus terminal you can use your haggling skill and hire a tricycle for a full day tour. Standard rate is 1200 PHP ( good for 4 pax). If you’re that good in negotiating, they might give it to you for 800 php. But honestly if you’re not traveling solo I’d settle with the standard rate , like what I always say… help the locals. Imagine how big of a help would it be to manong driver if you pay him 1200 that could feed his whole family :-).

What to Visit
Falls, 1,2 and 3
Let me warn you, it will be a hell of ride going to these falls. It’s far from the city center and the road is very very bumpy and dusty. Felt like I was on the tricycle for hours and can’t feel me bum….

Since it is the farthest, we first visited Falls # 03. When we get there it’s not yet crowded so we were able to take some good pictures  w/o people photobombing the view ,hehe and btw, there is an entrance fee of 50 PHP per pax same goes in visiting falls 1 and 02.

I was a bit disappointed with falls  2 and ended  up not visiting falls #1.  It’s summer so water is low and you can hardly see the waterfalls, it’s super super tiny and its swamped with people wearing orange life jackets.. so we skipped the last one to save 50php.

Next we visited the “Wonderful Cave “Entrance fee is 100php.

If you’ve been to Bantayan Cebu, you can compare it to Ogtong cave tho a smaller version. Water is cold and clear and perfect for my achy body due to the long bumpy ride to the falls.

There’s also one  cave that you may visit called “Enchanted Cave” but when we asked manong  driver if it will be ideal to go there he said that it wont be due to the massive  crowd.  Also it is the holy week so tourist are expected.

So instead…we went straight to the Rock Formation as they call it which surprisingly charges 75php per person..

Next stop is the Light House which to my relief, there’s no entrace fee hahaha

And I really can’t help but notice this….

Our last stop was the ever famous “Patar Beach” it’s a public beach so it’s for free!! Cottages are for rent tho. Since this is a public beach expect the crowd and mind your stuff, needless to explain why..  Also, there are  souvenir shops at the entrance  so as food stalls and turo-turo.  If  you will be renting cottages you can also cook your own food.

The beach is generally nice but it saddens me to see some trash  floating together with the beach bummers!Seriously people, please be responsible with your own rubbish!

Patar beach as well is known for its picturesque sunset which you shouldn’t miss but we did!! Hahaha

If you have plenty of time, you can also do a  side trip in hundred Islands😊


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