How to travel cheap in the Philippines.

Some  of the many questions that people ask  you when you’re a  frequent traveler is  how  do you get funds for your travels  or how the heck did  you book those incredibly  cheap flights.  Well, first of all  I have a full time job so that’s mainly the reason why  I can afford to travel  I have this blogging thing  BUT this is  just because I feel like writing  hahaha,  I don’t make a living out of this.   Second, like I always brag, I book  and I only book cheap  flights, hotels and package deals.

Generally,  traveling around the country is cheap but it’s not for everybody especially if you spend and earn peso.

Here’s how I do it:

  1.  Subscribe to Airline’s  promo fare alerts/ mailing list.   Here in the Philippines,  there are only 3 major  flight carriers  ( CebuPacific, Air Aisa and Philippine Airlines. I have an airline app  for CebuPacific in my phone  since  I use them frequently.  One thing that you have to know about these airlines is that, they always provide  promotional fares when   there’s a national holiday or there is something to celebrate like Valentines and all that.  Once I  get that e-mail notification  from them or see  the promotion on the website, that is ” When”  I start hunting for  promo  fares 🙂 .  I was able to book a  round trip flight recently   for 900  PHP  ( 18 USD) Manila – Boracay ( Caticlan)- Manila .  The funny thing is I even hesitated in booking it since I still  feel like it’s expensive lol..  the this leads to   my number 02…


2.  Learn how to earn air miles/points. – Really? How????

First… You can convert your credit card points to air miles.

Almost most major credit card points, especially Visa and Master can be converted to  Cebu Pacific , PAL or Air Asia  points. In my case  I have   a Citibank Cebu Pacific credit cards,  every 25K points I earn can  be converted to 500 CebGo points, same thing with my BDO credit cards.  If you’re not too sure as to how you can use it  just call your  bank to have your  points transferred.  But before you do that, make sure that you first sign up with  CebuPacific’s  GetGo , AirAsiaBig for Air Asia and Mabuhay Miles for  PAL.

FYI: Cebu Pacific  is actually giving free Cebgo cards at major airports.




I recently just book a flight for  365  PHP ( Around 7 USD ) using my  miles.

Second,  If you do not have a credit card, you can use your Cellphone’s   post paid plans. With Globe, you can  convert your  rewards to Air AsiaBig points.  It’s not that much but if you get points regularly  it’s like  having a piggy bank, the next thing you know is..  you had enough  points. Ain’t bad right?


3. Get points from your previous flights .

Ir order to take advantage of this, you have to make sure that you already sign up for the rewards program.  As stated above.

4.  Plan ahead 

I know how exciting it sounds when you  don’t really have a specific  itinerary  and just do whatever you want when you’re at the destination  , like  que sera  sera, whatever will be, will be… Yep, that’s a song lol.  But trust me it has its downside! you might end up spending more. What I usually do is  I list down the  possible accommodations and activities I will be doing  and of course  the cheapest deals, do some research and decide. One thing that  you have to   prioritize is your safety, never ever compromise that.

5 . Consider  a group tour/ Joiner 

Honestly it’s fun!  If you check  facebook there are lots of local tours  offered.  Basically you will be  joining a  group of travelers  obviously ” Strangers” . This is pretty popular  in Manila   since it is easier to arrange a land tour  to various local spots in Luzon like  Baguio, Sagada, Zambales, Ilocos , Baler and many more. This btw is the cheapest  means of traveling by land since everything is shared.  The only disadvantage is that you can’t really pick a  tour date  so you have to adjust your schedules.

6. Try Backpacking   

This is also a good way to meet  new people, make friends or even more…who knows right!

I have met some good people while doing this and we keep in touch. Such as nice feeling!

If you are on  tight budget,  you can stay in some back packer’s hostel or shared rooms.  But if  having your own ” ME” time is  very very important  then  Dorm accommodations is not for you.

For me as long as I can have a place to stay and shower I don’t even mind even living in a shack lol. What’s more important is I get to  explore the place and make the most out  of it. It might be the only  chance  to see the  place  so I  want it as fun as possible.  And I would rather use my money in paying tours or excursions and for  FOOD!!

7. Save!!!! 

Do I really have to explain this??

If you want something, work hard for it and be willing to sacrifice even just a little. For example, instead of  buying Starbucks coffee which seems to be a luxury in this country settle for 3in1  it’s still coffee   after all and  it’s only  6 php, that’s more than  a hundred  pesos  savings. What I’m really trying to say is, cut the unnecessary expenses and just focus on what’s really needed.

Travel is more rewarding than getting or  buying material things guys!


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