Zambales a quick weekend getaway from Manila w/ the Buena Familia

You know that feeling when you’re so freaking stress and gonna go cray cray because of work? for sure we all do! If you feel like you’re about to lose it, all you need is quick break and Zambales is a perfect weekend / quickie ( yeah I like that term hahah) getaway.

How we had our trip to Zambales might not be a big help for solo travelers since we went there as a group which made it way cheaper, so I wont put the expenses into details ( you can still ask me tho hihihi) Anyhow,the place is beautiful and is definitely worth sharing.

Since we traveled as a group ( friends and workmates) we rented a van from Manila that will take us to Pundaquit and Vice Versa then rented a boat + island hopping tour. We left Manila around 2 AM and arrived San Antonio around 6 AM. Since we will be staying over night in Nagsasa and we’re aware that there will be no resorts/ room accommodations in the island we made sure to buy foods and went to the market before getting on the boat.

We got a fair deal from our Bangkero/ tour guide for the island hopping and the tents that we rented tho we also brought our own, just in case, so the trip is pretty smooth sailing.

Getting ready to sail…

Our first stop was Camara Island which is the closest from Pundaquit.

When it’s low tide there’s a  kunwaring sand bar in Camara island going to that odd looking island. i say kunwari since it’s  rocky lol 😝

I was checking if i have some signal haha .. wag na umasa

Our next stop was Capones Island

That’s ren showcasing her bukaka pose.. lol

Our next and final stop if Nagsasa Cove

Tadaaaaa… isn’t it beautiful 🙃🙃

Our tents with the kiddos .  Was our home for one night.. 

In Nagsasa you can take a “pabebeng” hike in the hill to get a  better view of the island

The sand looks white in the  picture but it’s actually kinda grayish.. still looks amazing tho

One thing that I like about Nagsasa is it’s clear and calm water.. good for the kids and those who can only doggy swim hahaha..

We had so much fun and too amaze to swim with the fishes in the shallow that we even tried to chase and catch  em!  I know it’s kind of childish but you gotta admit that doing silly things like that is absolutely fun!

Then there’s us.. the ” Buena Familia”

Just a few tips, make sure to bring your own food since buying there will be expensive and they might sell you expired soft drinks!  Yeah no kidding.Also, bring flashlights and any other sort of lights since power supply there is very limited. Lastly don’t forget the marshmallows 😛 you’ll need it for the “let’s go have some drink sessions” and toast some marshmallows hahaha

You might wonder why we didn’t go to Anawangin, yeah shame why we didn’t right? Well we  only have a very limited  time but will definitely visit Anawangin soon..

If you are planning a DIY trip to Zambales here’s how to get there

From Pasay  take a bus bound to Iba or Sta. Cruz, Zambales. Travel time is 4 hours depending on the time of your departure and how fast mr driver can drive haha.. since I’ve been traveling, I realized that the travel time is definetely up to your driver lol

Let  the driver know especially manong konduktor that you’re getting off  in San Antonio.

In San Antonio, take a tricycle bound to Pundaquit. Travel time is 10-20 minutes.

Pundaquit is the jump-off to the three coves in San Antonio as well as for Island Hopping. Upon arrival expect a lot of boats offering a ride. The tricycle driver from Pundaquit may help you find a boat bound to Nagsasa..

Use your haggling skills and good luck 😉


5 thoughts on “Zambales a quick weekend getaway from Manila w/ the Buena Familia”

  1. Nice blog. Thank you for visiting our place. I’m sure that’s my brother in one of the photos, as your bangkero. If anyone of you guys wants to visit Pundakit and explore its islands and coves, you may contact us at 0929-561-6290 or 0916-525-4052 for your island hopping tour. Thank you.


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