Dumaguete – Siquijor Trip

I was really iffy in going to Siquijor at first , you probably know why. The island is famous for its mountain-dwelling mangkukulam (healers) or for its witchcraft. So when you tell people that you’re going all they say is ” not a good idea”.

Our flights were booked months in advance . Let me tell you a secret, the reason why I can afford to travel around Philippines is because we always wait for promo fare in Cebu Pacific or Air Asia . These low cost carriers always offer piso fare during holidays. We watch the airline’s website like Jon Snow at the Wall waiting to kill some white walkers ( if you don’t watch GOT, you sure can’t )

We only paid more than 1k PHP for the round- trip ( yeah, for real, that cheap hehe).

Welcome to Dumaguete

From Dumaguete airport you can take a tricycle to the port.

From the port to Siquijor Island the travel time is more or less 1 hr. Ferry cost is around 160 php. Just a piece of advise avoid taking those small ferries, else when the water is kinda rough you will definitely feel shit , I did threw up (not proud of it lol ) I usually don’t get sea sick.

You can check for the ferry schedules.

From the port we took a tricycle to our resort, the driver tried to charged us 200 php but we haggled a bit and agreed to pay 150 php. We stayed at Charisma Siquijor Beach Resort and booked their Standard Bamboo Cottage for 1000 php/night. It was a pretty decent accommodation, fan room (you wont need air conditioning anyway), toilet is clean, shower is working ( tho no hot shower) and the bed is okay plus they have a pool!

In front of Charisma Resort

The next day, we paid around 1000 php for a day tour around the island, there’s three of us so it was okay.

Century old Balete tree, our first stop

Cambugahay falls

Salagdoong  beach.. good spot for cliff jumping.. girls, I highly recommend not wearing a bikini if you’re planning to jump you might end up losing your knickers hahah🙊🙊

Day trip in Siquijor wont take you full day so around 4 pm we head back to Dumaguete.. while on board  the ferry we were lucky to see some dolphins .. I was so happy, that was my first time seeing some dolphins hahaha 🤣

In Dumaguete we stayed at Harold’s mansion which is known for backpackers. We paid 1000 php for a private room with AC so not bad.

Next on our itinerary is the Apo Island, we gonna go swimming with the turtles hihih.. it was an expensive tour tho, we paid 1200 per pax with lunch included (fried noodles daw) actually it was just a pancit canton kala ko ano yung fried noodles 😂😂

People i’d like you to meet mr Gong pagong

With our new friends


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