Spending new year in Sagada

Since 2008 I’ve been spending holidays away from my family, most of the time I spend Christmas and New Years at work, yeah I know…people would say ” aw that’s sad, I’m sorry” and I’ll just shrug my shoulders ….used to it, besides I am not a big fan of any ocassion not even my birthday hahaha.. but for a change, last  new year … I wasn’t working (hell yeah! ) so me and my roomies came up with this super amazing idea of spending it in Sagada ( yey, finally!).  No work, no family to go to.. so why not go somewhere else right? .

We want to make the trip as cheap as possible so we decided to join a group tour, we started checking facebook for an arranged tour to Sagada and bingo! we found one for 2500 php per pax ( including van transfer and hotel accommodation) for a 3 days 2 nights trip from Manila.

We had our first stop in Banaue to have a glimpse of the rice terraces and get breakfast ( we’ve been driving for hrs) .It was really cold and I regret wearing shorts hahaha

Can’t stop snapping pictures! The view is just breathtaking!

After more than 9 hrs…. finally! “Welcome Sagada ”

First we visited the hanging coffins, it was just a short trek inside the eco valley.

 Next…. spelunking baby! Our guide told us that ” Spelunking ” should be the right term and not “caving” since only Geologist and people who are studying the cave and shits like that have the right to call it “caving” so since we’re no Geologist we call it Spelunking which I prefer since it sounds way cooler hahaha , caving honestly sounds boring and too easy to spell..
This looks like a face not sure tho if it’s a he or she… you decide

The next day we went ” chasin waterfalls” was a quick 1 hour hike so no biggie… yeah i’m just bragging wasn’t easy really 😜😜

 On our way back from the falls..what a view ….

Now I can finally crossed out Sagada in my bucket list… slow clap for me….



1 thought on “Spending new year in Sagada”

  1. Good job edz.. Great blog! I am looking forward to your next destination internationally ( Macau ). Hopefully to see you also in European Destinations in the future.. chos!


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